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Pilots & Crew

SR-71 Pilot in pressure suit
in ejection seat. From SR-71
In Action. acrylic on board.
Fighter pilot speaking the universal
 language acrylic on board.    
F-15 pilot in helmet and oxygen mask that was standard in the 1980s. acrylic on matte board 5" x 8". $200 F-15 pilot in helmet and oxygen mask that was standard in the 1990s. acrylic on matte board 5" x 8". $200
B-1 pilot in helmet with night vision goggles (NVGs). acrylic on board 10 " x 8". $200 Century series pilots in helmets and oxygen masks that were standard in the 1950-60s. acrylic on matte board 18 " x 6 ". $300 Ordies aboard carrier load an MER of bombs on an A-6. Published in Intruder. 15" x 12" acrylic on board. $350
Desert Storm A-10 Warthog pilot . 20" x 15" acrylic on board $450
F-22 Raptor pilots wear a new anti-g suit which incorporates an upper body counterpressure garmet along with the traditional lower body "speed jeans" G suit. 15" x 15" acrylic on board. $400 Marine Intruder crew checks their load of Snakeye bombs prior to a Vietnam mission. acrylic on hardboard 20" x 14" $450 "Robin Olds, Triple Ace" is a tribute to Robin's WWII combat record. He scored his early victories in the P-38 Lightning and his subsequent victories in the P-51 Mustang. 20" x 15" acrylic on illustration board. $750 Fighter pilots, front and rear. Published in USN Phantoms in Combat. 12" x12" acrylic on matte board. $350
B-17 pilot wearing 50-mission crush cap. 3" x 6" $75

Navy F-4 Phantom crew confers with Plane Captain on carrier deck. oil on canvas 24" x 30" $650

Unpublished painting of a pair of Marine fighter pilots briefing a mission from Vella Lavella in the Pacific, WWII. 15" x 20" acrylic on board. $650

Fighter Pilots then and now. 
Unpublished acrylic on board 
12" x 24" $250 

P-51 Fighter Pilot, post-mission. Pencil on paper 11" x 14". $350


WWII aircrew wearing leather helmet and late model oxygen mask. 3" x 6" $100 SOLD DL   WWII bomber crew man wearing early style mask and goggles. #" x 6" $100