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     Gallery Four

"Fifth Generation Face-Off" The only operational 5th generation fighter in the world is the F-22 Raptor. One of the Russian contenders to become their first 5th generation fighter is the Sukhoi T-50, which made its first flight in 2010. 24" x 18" acrylic on canvas panel $900

F/A-18E of VFA-137 Published in F/A-18 Hornet In Action. 20" x 10" acrylic on board $375

“2nd Patches” was a B-17G-30-DL of the 346th BS, 99th BG, out of Tortorella, Italy as it appeared in May 1944. It crashed on takeoff on 24 August 1944 and was salvaged. 20" x 6" acrylic on board $350

B-1B "Sunrise Surprise" of the 46th BS, 319th BW. Published 2002 24" x 10 " acrylic on board with hardboard backer. Slight wrinkle on right side of image. $300


F-8 MIG killers of VF-191 and VF-51 Published in "...And Kill Migs! 4th Edition" acrylic on board 20" x 10" $350 A-4E Skyhawk of VA-94. Acrylic on  gessoboard 24" x 18" $800 "Launch The Alert Fighter!" When hostile contacts appeared on the ship radar, the alert fighter is launched regardless of sea conditions. Here, an F-4B Phantom of VF-114 is launched from U.S.S. Kitty Hawk in heavy sea state to investigate the bogie. 20" x 16" acrylic on canvas panel. $500 A-10 Warthog which shot down an Iraqi Helicopter during Operation Desert Storm. 24" x18" acrylic on board. Unpublished $650


P-47D-23-RE flown by Captain Leroy Grossheusch, Commanding Officer of the 39th Fighter Squadron, 35th Fighter Group at Mangaldan (Luzon, Phillippines) in February, 1945.Grossheusch claimed six of his eventual eight victories in this Jug before the group switched to Mustangs. $400 Sold DG The first chapter in "Viper Pilot", by LtCol Dan Hampton, USAF (ret) is a gripping account of his descending into a raging sandstorm to provide close air support to Marines who were under attack by a superior Iraqi Army unit in the early days of Operation Iraqi Freedom. The TV-guided AGM-65 Mavericks he was carrying were rendered useless by the effects of the blowing sand on their optics. His only weapons was his internal 20mm cannon, which he used to devasting effect during several passes on the Iraqi troops. "Viper Pilot" is an account of his flying experiences in the F-16. It is one of the best flying books I have read. 20" x 15" acrylic on illustrationa board $600. F/A-18C of VMFA-32. Published in F/A-18 In Action 2008. 20" x 10" acrylic on board. $350 AC-130A Spectre Gunship climbs over the Plain of Jars in Laos, heading for its nightly work on the Ho Chi Mihn Trail. The AC-130 became the most effective truck killer in the battle to stem the tide of war materiel heading into the battlefields of South Vietnam. Almost a half century later, more modern versions of the AC-130 continue to prove its effectiveness on other battle grounds. 24" x 18" acrylic on canvaspanel. $800

F-15E of the 336th FS, 4th FW during an Operation Iraqi Freedom mission in 2003. It was based at Al Udeid AB in Qatar during March and April of 2003. Selected for exhibition in the Nineteenth Annual CAE SimuFlite Horizons of Flight Art Exhibition, Feb 4 to Apr 26, 2013. 24" x 18" acrylic on gessobord. $900 F-100F of the 612th TFS, Det 1 on a "Misty FAC" mission over Vietnam. The Misty FACs were fast FACs who controlled many of the interdiction missions over the Ho Chi Mihn trail in Laos and North Vietnam. 24" x 18" acrylic on canvaspanel. $800 “Duration Dotty” was a P-47D of the 65th FS, 57th FG. It was flown by Lt Dwight Orman. Orman’s “Dotty” took a 40mm hit in the tail while attacking the docks at Genoa, Italy on 11 April, 1945.. acrylic on board 20" x 10" $450 The second B-1A built was modified for testing in the B-1B program. acrylic on board 20" x 10" $350



A-10A of the 917th TFS in one-of-a-kind desert camouflage, painted in preparation for Operation Desert Storm. 20" x 8" Acrylic on illustration board. Rear cover illustration for "A-10 In Action" $350 The crew of a USAF HH-60G Pavehawk combat rescue and recovery helicopter was awarded the Mackay Trophy for their actions on 29 July 2009, when they rescued the crew of another HH-60 and 3 wounded soldiers in Afghanistan. This 24" x 18" acrylic on hardboard painting depicts "Pedro 16" inbound for the pickup. $800


ME-109E of Luftwaffe ace Adolph Galland during the Battle of Britain. Very early oil on canvas panel 28" x 20". $300 "Intruder Weather" The first squadron to fly the A-6 Intruder in combat was VA-75, in 1965. This is the A-6A of Lt Don Boecker on a typical all-weather mission. 24" X 18" acrylic on hardboard. $800 CAG A-7E of VA-83 assigned to USS Forrestal. Illustration in forthcoming "A-7 Walk Around" $350 Record-setting Bonanza of Bill Odum. Unpublished. 20" x 16" acrylic on canvas board $325

Space Shuttle Atlantis. Published in Shuttle Walk Around. 20" x 28" acrylic on board $450 Unpublished painting of a pair of Skywarriors T-34s taking it vertical in a dogfight. acrylic on board. $500 Sideviews of T-34Cs. Pubiished in "T-34 In Action". acrylic on board. $350
Head-on view of F/A-18. From "Hornet" acrylic on board. $250  

"Widow In The Gloaming" shows P-61B "Little Audrey" of the 422nd Night Fighter Squadron out of Etain, France in 1944 as it flies into darkening skies for a night patrol. 20" x 16" acrylic on canvas panel. $700

The MV-22 Osprey is one of the most technically complicated aircraft flown by the U.S. military. The Marines version operates from assault ships or land bases and gives the Marines new vertical reach and speed. 24" x 18" acrylic on hardboard $800