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Commissioned in 1942, and commanded by Kptlt. Ralph Kapitzky, the U-615 was sunk in the Caribbean Sea on 7 August 1943, after the largest aircraft hunt ever mounted for a single U-boat. Only 4 of the submarine's crewmembers were killed (including her captain) while 43 survived. PBM Mariner, PV-1 Ventura, and a Navy airship took part in the hunt and multiple attacks over a two day period. 16' x 20" acrylic on gessobord $800. P-39 pilots. Venice, Florida was the site of an active World War II training base of aspiring USAAF fighter pilots. Beginning in early 1943, the Army Air Forces trained P-39, P-40, P-47, and P-51 pilots at the Venice Army Air Base. This painting reflects some of that experience. 24" x 18" acrylic on hardboard $800.


A pair of VMFA-323 Phantoms climb past build-ups on a 1966 CAS mission over Vietnam. 24" x 18" acrylic on canvaspanel. $900 Selected for display in the National Museum of Naval Aviationl 2013.

Shuttle atop it's 747 Transport. 20" x 10" acrylic on illustration board. $350
USMC EA-6A. 20" x 8" acrylic on board. $250 F-4B of VF-161, circa 1965. Published in "Navy Phantoms In Combat" 20" x 8" acrylic on board. $295 PBJ-1D of VMB-611, equipped with "hose nose" radar." 20" x 8 " acrylic on board. $325



A-7D of the 3rd TFS, Korat RTAB, 1973. ilIustration for "A-7 Walk Around" $350

F-100 Super Sabres published in "Century Series" acrylic on board. $425
P-47D of the 56th FG, flown by Captain Cameron Hart. acrylic on board 20" x 8" $375 Left and Right sideviews of "D'Skunk" F/A-18A test Hornet. 20" x 14 " acrylic on board. $425 F-5s from "F-5 In Action" acrylic on board. $225

FB-111 from "F-111 In Action" 12" x 5 " acrylic on board. $225
TACT test F-111A from "F-111 In Action"12" x 4" acrylic on board. $225 F-4B of VF-143, circa 1968. Published in "USN Phantoms in Combat" 20" x 6" acrylic on board. $250

On 29 July 1981, Shaul Simon of the "Double Tail Squadron" of the Israeli Air Force, downed a Syrian MIG-25 with an AIM-7F Sparrow. He was flying F-15A Baz 673 "Ha Oketz" (The name is emblazoned on the nose. The Israeli Air Force has named many of it's F-15s, and each carries the name in Hebrew on the nose.) 24" x 12" acrylic on gessobord. $700

  Navy Phantoms of VF-51, VF-154, VF-21, and VF-92 .Published in "USN Phantoms in Combat" 20" x 24" acrylic on board. $425 Early U.S. Navy Phantoms. Published in "USN Phantoms in Combat" 20" x 16" acrylic on board. $375

F-15C in "Digital Flanker" camouflage prepares to engage another F-15 during a Red Flag mission over the Nellis Range Complex. 18" x 24" acrylic on hardboard. $500

RA-5C launches from USS Kitty Hawk for a Vietnam mission. 28" x 24" acrylic on board. $425
UH-1 sideviews from "Huey" 20" x 15 " acrylic on board. $325 Grumman HU-15 rescue amphibian . 20" x 15 " acrylic on board. $325 C-130 on an Antartic mission. Acrylic on hardboard, 24" x 18" $700

Original concept painting showing the "Polish Glider" dropping 2 3,000 pound bombs on an enemy bunker. 30" x 15" acrylic on canvas panel. $450
  "Just Bess" was a P-47D-30, flown by Lt. Arnold Abel of the 392nd FS, 367th FG from Eschborn, Germany in May 1945. 20" x 8" acrylic on board. $375 "Ole Baldy" was a P-47D flown by Lt. John P. Botten of the 525th FS, 86th FG. 20" x 8" acrylic on board. $375

P-47N-5-RE of the 456th FS, 414th FG, Iwo Jima, August, 1945.. 20" x 12" acrylic on board. $500
"Wyman's Kill" Dick Wyman of VF-162 won a low level duel with a MIG-17 of the North Vietnamese Air Force. Created for National Museum of Naval Aviation Art Contest 2005. Selected to hang in the museum 2005 -06. 24" x 18" acrylic on canvas panel.  $900

UH-1 sideviews from "Huey"20" x 14" acrylic on board. $325

Mig-killing Phantoms of VF-92 and VF-151. "And Kill Migs" acrylic 15" x 10" $295
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